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14 febrero 2008

Knowing... Boy Omega

Martin is the man behind Boy Omega´s mascarade. After hurting our hearts with the great "The Black Tango", the composer comes back with his third LP, "Hope The Horizon", released by Acuarela.
He has a band with some friends to go into this "joint-venture" that is a complete succes.
We have been talking to Martin about Boy Omega´s past, present and future... (Ir a la versión española)

Hi Martin!!! How are you?
- Hello! I'm fine thank you. I've just been out on a long walk with my dog. The sun is up in Göteborg today. Not a day too early.

How did you feel in Spain? Did you enjoy the Tanned Tin experience? Which band/show did you like most?
- Spain was really nice, and so was the sun, the bath tub at the hotel and the Tanned Tin festival. Everyone was really friendly, and we were taken good care of. We'd love to come back. I didn't get to see that many bands though, since we missed out on the first and the last day. It's too bad I didn't get to see Xiu Xiu, since they're one of my favorite bands. Off the bands I saw, I think Frog Eyes were pretty good.

Acuarela has released your new album, "Hope On The Horizon", what does it mean to you? What do you expect from the album?
- It's nice of course. I knew of the label long before they contacted me. They have some really good artists in their roster. Acuarela releasing the album means that more people will get a chance to listen to and buy the album. Primarily people living in Spain, Portugal and Asia.
I expect it to sell at least 1 billion copies.

In which ways is it different from your other recordings? What are your favourite songs?
- It's different in the sense that most of it was recorded live in a big room with my band, compared to my other releases where I recorded and played almost everything by myself at home in my kitchen or in my bedroom. I'm really happy with the album as a whole, so I don't really have any favorite or non-favorite songs from it.

How has been the creative process been? Is it difficult for you to develop your musical ideas?
- I'd have to say it's been the hardest album to record thus far, but that was mainly because there were so many musicians involved. I wanted it to sound huge. A Phil Spector-ish wall of sound, you know? I find it pretty easy to develop my musical ideas. I mean, if you had a bigger label and more money, you could always spend more time in the studio and all of that, but since I prefer first or second takes, it's really no big deal. I also have the pleasure to play with some amazing musicians whom are also my close friends, so that helps out a lot as well.

Can you remember the best moments? And the worst?
- The best moment would be when I realized the damn thing was finally finished. Worst moment would be when a tiny piece of glass decided to blow into my left eye bulb. I had to go and see the doctor that day, and missed out on the recording.

In our opinion, "If Only" is one of your best songs. Could you tell us something about it?
- I'm glad you like it. It was actually meant to be a song for my other band Kubot. It wasn't one of those songs where I first wrote something on the guitar or piano and then recorded it. I started off with just programming the drums, and after that I came up with the chords and the melody. I still play it live from time to time. It sounds a bit different compared to the original version that is featured on "The Black Tango".

What non-musical inspirations went into the making of the album? What can inspire you?
- Everyday life, books, movies, politics, anxiety, panic attacks... Just about anything really.

Sweden has an incredible musical scene, do you think your music fits in it?
- Maybe. Maybe not. I think my music is universal.

What are the sounds in Boy Omega's iPod?
- At the moment I listen a lot to Sigur Ros. I think they are pretty amazing. What else? Gregg Kowalsky, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Stars Of The Lid, Andrew Bird, Eluvium, Spoon, Oval, Stina Nordenstam, Of Montreal, Alva Noto etc.

Having Spanish distribution, Are you planning a Spanish tour?
- I hope there will be some touring in Spain in 2008. Maybe in the fall?

What are your future plans?
- I'm going on a solo tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland February 21 - March 9. I'll be supporting the swedish singer/songwriter Christian Kjellvander. We've also started to record songs for the next Boy Omega album, and for a double album consisting of old songs wearing new clothes. I also plan to finish the second album with my other band Kubot. We've been working on that one for about seven years now back and forth, so it's about bloody time if I may say so.

Just one more question, could you tell us how do you say A Letter For The Stars in Swedish?
- Ett brev till stjärnorna.

"Hope The Horizon" has been release by Acuarela.

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