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05 diciembre 2006

Knowing... Bang Gang

We love "Something Wrong". It has been a long time without Bang Gang´s new music releases, but finally, Bardi Johannsson is now working in new material. A Letter For The Stars has been talking with him to talk about really interesting things... (Ir a la versión en español)

Hi Bardi! How are you? How is the weather now in Iceland?
- It is snowing and cold. I love it.

To start with, I would like to tell us something about what have you been doing since the release of your first album. It has been a long time for Bang Gang´s fans, don´t you think?
- I have been producing other artists, opened a label in the US and working on film music. Also I released a record under my name called HAXAN. See www.myspace.com/haxanalbum. It is a project I recorded with the symphony orchestra in Bulgaria. But now finally I am working on a new record.

How did you receive the great critics opinion about "Something Wrong"? It was a surprise for you?

- I am always pleased when people like what I do. When I write songs I never think about it if people will like it or not. If they like... it is great.... if they don't like... then.... well... it hasn't happened yet.

Reading the credits on "Something wrong" I mean that the recording had to be really difficult, how was it?

- It took a long time to record the record. Lot of problem with money and my old record company. I had to pay my old record company in Iceland a lot of money to get free from my contract. It was a big fight to be able to release the album. But it was worth it.

How do you create your songs? How important are lyrics for you?
- I sit down and let my mood take over. Sometimes I work on a song for 2 days and sometimes I work on it for 2 years. Depends. When I write lyrics, I prefer to find the good word and repeat them in stead of having a lot of bullshit.

"It´s allright" is one of my favourite songs, could you tell us something about it?
It is very difficult to sing because it is very high. Also I tried to have the drums entering from the beginning, but it sounded like shit.

Why did you decide to make this tender cover of "Stop in the name of love"? Which other song would you like to cover?

- I was going to make a cover of RIDERS ON THE STORM with the Doors. I tried, but could not make a better version then the original. I don't see the point of doing a cover song if you are not making it better than the original. I was offered to make a cover version af Claude Francoice "Stop au de nom l'amour" witch is the french version of the song for a compilation. I tried to sing in French but it was a disaster. SO I tried in English and it sounded better than the original. So thats why I did not only put it on the compilation, also on the record.

Which songs are you most proud of?
- It is like asking a parent : "What is your favorite child ?". So like a parent to my songs... I say... "I love all of them".

How it was the making of "Find what you get"? Which instruments do you know how to play? Do you enjoy acting?
- In the video I play all the instruments. But on the record I played everything else than drums and synth. I really enjoy acting, do it sometimes when I go to the supermarket if I am bored. Make a character and ask stupid questions.

Talking about Bang Gang´s future, What are your future plans? When we can expect a new Bang Gang´s album? Any special collaboration?

- I am currently working on a new record (out in September 2007) and also working on a side project with Craig Walker (ex singer of Archive).

What are new ideas you want to develop in new recordings?
- More heavy, more pop, more everything.

You must have a rich music culture, what are your main musical influences? What bands are you listening by now? Do you know any Spanish band?
- Public Enemy, NWA, Sonic Youth, The Stranglers, The Doors, Igor Stravinsky, Death, Nirvana, ABBA, Astrud Gilberto etc... Now I am listening to Billy Idol's compilation and the last Ladytron.

Finally, one more question...how do you say "A Letter For The Stars" in Icelandic?
Bref fyrir stjornurnar.

Thanks Bardi. We can´t wait to listening Bang Gang´s future album.

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