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07 diciembre 2006

Knowing... Peter, Björn & John

A Letter For The Stars had been time wishing to have the opportunity to chat with which we considered is one of the most pleasing surprises in the Indie panorama of the year that finishes, the Swedish trio formed by Peter Dwell Björn Yttling and John Ericsson: “Peter Björn & John” (Ir a la entrevista en español)
For that reason, we decided to take advantage of their visit to Valencia, due to their participation in the traveling festival Wintercase, to chat personally with two of the members and to know how the album was born that has been bring them the international success of public and critic: “Writer's Block”
John (drummer) is shy and something diminished. On the other hand, Björn (keyboard and bass) does finery of its great irony and phenomenal sense of humor joking constantly during char it. They kindly answer our questions.

Hi Björn! Hi John! How are you?
Björn & John: Fine, thanks!

Is this your first time in Spain?
Björn: No, I´ve been in Barcelona on a holiday. It´s our first time on tour.

And is this your first time in Valencia?
B: Yes, it is.

Have you eaten "paella" (valencian typical food)?

B: No, not this time. John: Do you know a good place? Please, give us the adress.
Yes, I´ll write it down.

Talking about the Wintercase, what do you think about winter festivals?

B: If this is winter, is really good. For us is good (laughs). In Sweden we called it a good summer day.

And what about the experience of being touring four days in four different cities?
J: Just to play in Spain is good for us, and the fact that to be in four cities is even better, so we would like to do more here.
It´s busy but it´s good. The next time we will have one gig and one day off, one gig and one day off..

And what about the fact of playing with The Magic Numbers?

B: We have only share with them one day but It was fun last night in Madrid (laughs). I remember it was fun.

As regards the international success of your "Writer´s block", could the critics opinion influence you in future recordings?
J: Yeah, of course. We have been talking about for the next couple of days and for spring we are going to record something. For January or February. It´s gonna be something completely different.

Did you ever expect that "Young folks" could become an indie hit?
J: It´s really shocked the success of the song. We know it´s a good track but...so many people like it.

What can you tell us about Victoria Bergsman´s collaboration?

J: It was natural because we have played with The Concretes in Sweden and in our other album we made a cover of one of their songs, so it was like.....yeah, you can ask Victoria. She was in the studio for one hour. It was very fast but good.

And what about your lyrics? How do you create your melodies?
J: I think it´s very different for us three. Peter stars with the lyrics and me and Björn start with the music.
Björn, have you beeb thinking in other collaborations with any bands you produce?
B: Are we going to do another collaboration? (He asks John). Yeah, maybe, we are in the indie world. Cover all was the question.

Your last album seems to be a little bit different (maybe with more 80´s influences) than your other two ones (which were even more influenced by Beatles or Beach Boys than “Writer´s Block”), don´t you think?
B: Yeah, first one was 60´s, second one was 70´s and this one is 80´s so next time we´re going to do a Pearl Jam inflenced record (laughs)

In which ways has your music changed since your first recordings?
B: We write better lyrics, we are more....maybe focus on what to say and we do more consecuent music as well, more pure anyway.
Björn, do you prefer creating your own sound or producing for other bands?
B: Both, it´s nice to do both.

What do you think about being remixed? Do you enjoy the Pumps Jump Up remix? Do you imagine "Young folks" in a disco?
B: Yeah, we really like it. Did that happened in Spain? I think so actually, we have some remixes, even of another song by Berlin´s band Jeans Team and it´s really good as well. It´s gonna work.
J: And also Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve remix and also the Erol Alkan remix, which is simple but I thinks it´s really good.

What other Swedish bands would you recommend to us?
B: There is one band called Holiday For Strings that could really suit Spanish market. It´s post-rock and disco beat with the echo on it. It´s really good.
J: Also Yttling Jazz.

Don´t you think that young folks can have something in common with jazz music?
J: Yes, maybe because we listen very different music and among this kind of music are jazz styles. I think Björn has listened more quality jazz (laughs).
B: It´s Duke Ellington kind of vibe on Young Folks. Not many people refers to that but...that´s the truth.

So I can imagine that your next album could be more moving than the other ones....

B: Yes, maybe because I picking up with the saxophone so...(both laugh about playing saxophone)

Have you been working in new material?
B: Yeah, we do it separately but we haven´t played it to each other yet but we have been talking about it anyway.

What are new areas you want to develop for your next album?
B: Maybe we want to do more consecuent music anyway trusted dreams but we haven´t talk about it so we don´t know.

What can we expect from Peter, Björn & John´s live show?
J: It could start with a drum beat and also...I think...third and fourth song are also with the drum beat (laughs) .....

Well that´s the end of the interview, I hope you have enjoyed...

B & J: Of course (laughs)

I also hope to see you in Valencia...

B: I hope also too, I´d like to come here more, maybe to make a video or something....just to be here, because it´s too warm.

From A Letter For The Stars, we really want to thank Björn and John for their great kind and sense of the humor that they demonstrated in each one of their answers. We wished that you have enjoyed its words as much as we enjoyed their memorable concert.

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